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CairnsGarden is a local business that focusses on all aspect of garden care in Cairns and northern beaches. Our service includes:

- Lawn care (mowing, snipping, edging, fertilizing, preparing and laying new turf)

- Gardencare (pruning, trimming, weeding, removal of greenwaste)

- Irrigation (maintenance of sprinklers, exchange, installation)

- Mulching (preparing and laying mulch of all kinds from local suppliers)

CairnsGarden works with local partners to provide best service and practice to ensure applications are suitable to the tropical Cairns region. Qualifications, licenses and tickets are obtained for every job offered and guarantee best practice.

If you are a property owner, big or small, and in need of garden care, bond clean up or general maintenance let us know by sending a mail to today.

We service the entire Cairns city and the northern beaches as far as Palm Cove. Please be aware that enquiries for a quote must be arranged with us and cannot be done within the same day.

We look forward to hearing from you!